Amazon Blackberry Key2 LE Quiz Answer 14 November

Amazon Blackberry Key2 LE Quiz Answer 14 November

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Question 1. Which one of these figure from Greek Mythology causes people to turn to stone?
Answer. Medusa
Question 2. Which of these planets could, theoretically, float if submerged in water due to its low density?
Answer. Saturn
Question 3. In 2011, which country hosted a Formula 1 race for the first time?
Answer. India
Question 4. Which Indian scientist won the Nobel prize for Physics in 1930 for pioneering work on scattering of light?
Answer. Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman
Question 5. Punjab is also called ‘The Land of Five Waters’. Which of these is NOT a river the name that flows through the region?
Answer. Tapti

Hello Everyone All of you are welcome Amazon Blackberry Key2 LE Quiz Answer 14 November and today we have brought for you Amazon Blackberry Key2 LE Quiz Answer 14 November This contest has been asked for a total of 5 question and we have all published for you the correct answer on the uvtimes.

And one important thing is that this contest is from 8 am to 12 pm in the meantime, you have to make a participate in it, almost you will get 4 hours and after 12 pm the contest will be closed.

What is Amazon Quiz?

What is the Amazon Quiz? Tell you about it in detail. You might have heard Amazon’s name. Maybe you will order some daily, in such a way, Amazon runs daily Quiz Contest to further your customer and in this, you will be participating Can win a lot of prizes