Amazon Samsung Galaxy M30 Quiz Answer 26 June

Amazon Samsung Galaxy M30 Quiz Answer 26 June

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Question 1.Name the monument that Mohamad Quli Qutub Shah built in Hyderabad in 1951 to commemorate the end of a deadly plague in the city.

Answer. Charminar

Question 2. Whales and Dolphins sleep by resting one half of their brain at a time, which is one of the reasons why they can sleep without drowning

Answer. True

Question 3. Which country will host the 2020 summer Olympics?

Answer. Japan

Question 4. Which of the following is considered the national slogan of India? Hint – It was popularized by Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya in 1918.

Answer. Satyameva Jayate

Question 5. Who won the women’s Grand Slam title at the 2019 French Open tournament?

Answer. Ashleigh Barty

Hello Everyone All of you are welcome Amazon Samsung Galaxy M30 Quiz Answer 26 June and today we have brought for you Amazon Samsung Galaxy M30 Quiz Answer 26 June This contest has been asked for a total of 5 question and we have all published for you the correct answer on the uvtimes.

And one important thing is that this contest is from 8 am to 12 pm in the meantime, you have to make a participate in it, almost you will get 4 hours and after 12 pm the contest will be closed.

What is Amazon Quiz?

What is the Amazon Quiz? Tell you about it in detail. You might have heard Amazon’s name. Maybe you will order some daily, in such a way, Amazon runs daily Quiz Contest to further your customer and in this, you will be participating Can win a lot of prizes