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Amazon Echo Plus Quiz Answer (26 July)

Amazon Echo Plus Quiz Answer (26 July) A chance to win Echo plus Question 1. Which continent has the fewest flowering plants? Answer. Antarctica Question 2. Which was the first song to be played in outer space? Answer. Jingle Bells Question 3. Which countries played in the first ever international men’s Twenty20 Cricket match? Answer. Australia and New Zealand Question 4. Which one… Read More »

Amazon OnePlus 6 Quiz Answer (24 July)

Amazon OnePlus 6 Quiz Answer (24 July) A Chance to win Oneplus 6 Question 1. Salman Khan’s character’s name in which of these movies was NOT ‘Prem’? Answer. DABANGG (2010) Question 2. Leonardo da Vinci could write with one hand and draw with the other at the same time. Answer. TRUE Question 3. Which planet is the closest to Earth?… Read More »