Question 1. Whose picture can be seen on Bauua’s T-Shirt?

Answer. Babita

Question 2. Which city is not shown in the film ‘Zero’?

Answer. Paris

Question 3. Whats does call Bauua singh?

Answer. Zero

Question 4. In the song Issaqbaazi, what prop SRK and Salman Khan use while dancing?

Answer. Leather Jacket And Gamcha

Question 5. At the end of the song Issaqbaazi, what does SRK give Salman Khan?

Answer. A kiss on the cheek

Level 2

Question 1. Complete the dialogue,”Everybody______me.”

Answer. Hates

Question 2. What is seen in katrina’s hand in the beginning of the song ‘Husn Parcham’?

Answer. Scissors

Question 3. Whi is the choreographer of ‘Husn Parcham’?

Answer. Bosco Martis

Question 4. In Which Song did Anushka sharma wear the most comfortable costume?

Answer. Mere Naam tu

Question 5. Which song is being played in the dialogue before ‘Husn Parcham’ song promo?

Answer. Dj Waale Babu

Level 3

Question 1. Complete the dialogue, “Agar akele hi peeni hoti toh __.”

Answer. Meerut ke Theke bure the kya

Question 2. Which festivity is seen in the dialogue at beginning of Husn Parcham promo?

Answer. Haldi

Question 3. Who is the lyricist of the song,’Husn Parcham’?

Answer. Irshad Kamil

Question 4. Complete the lyrics of the song, Mere Naam Tu, “Tere aage ye duniya hai __.”

Answer. Pheeki Si

Question 5. When did the zero tralier release?

Answer. 2th November, 2018

Level 4

Question 1 who is the Director of photography Dop of the film Zero?

Answer. Manu Anand

Question 2. Where does Guddu say babita is coming from?

Answer. The Mall

Question 3. Complete the lyrics of the song Issaqbaazi,” Wo humse prem_____.”

Answer. Gajab Karti

Question 4. “Ye Toh Kaand Ho gaya!” – who said this dialogue?

Answer. Guddu

Question 5. Complete the dialogue, “Aaj ussi Baune ko Babita Kumari ne __.”

Answer. Hoothon Pe Chum Liya Hai